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Home for all financial products, services, payments and transfers. Your bank gets even more convenient now.The Best Mobile Bank App in Russia (according to Markswebb Rank & Report and Deloitte) in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016) is now part the mobile platform.
 NO NEED TO SIGN UP. Payments and Card2Card transfers with no registration;
 NO FEES. No fee for payments with any card for your mobile phone, to your Internet provider, settle your telephone and utility bills, traffic fines, cover fees for government services, etc.;, including parking in Moscow, etc.;
 EASY ACCESS TO PRODUCTS. Online request for most of Tinkoff Bank product. Get new accounts, cards, and make deposits right in the app.
 FREE TRANSFERS. No fee for transfers from Tinkoff debit to third-party cards (up to RUB 20,000 per month);
 SAFE AND SECURE. Login using the telephone number or user name , authenticate with your access code or fingerprint;
 IN-APP CARD ACTIVATION. Get or recover your login and password right from the app. Card activation before/after authorization;
Enjoy a new feature in mobile banking: our app offers NFC contactless payments certified by MasterCard.Add our Contactless Payment option to your services and enjoy shopping with just a single tap of your phone. To pay, check the final amount at checkout, enter a code to confirm the payment then tap the terminal with your phone. Be protected: the service complies with the latest international security standards. Be safe: the technology prevents paying for the same thing twice. Enjoy service on NFC-enabled smartphones and Android OS version 4.4 or higher.
Payments and transfers
∙ Traffic fines Check&Pay, notifications about new fines.;∙ Instant transfers: between your own accounts, Tinkoff clients, Card2Card, to other banks and government offices;∙ Setup automatic and recurring payments for cell phone, internet and utility bills;∙ The possibility to edit template details (e.g. payment purpose); ∙ Generate payment templates and attach them right to your address book contacts for quick future payments;∙ The detailed payment and transfer receipts.
Manage your money anywhere, anytime
∙ All financial products in one app: cards, deposits, cash loans, savings accounts and your goals; ∙ Virtual (Tinkoff Wallet) card support;∙ Immediately block, replace and request additional cards in one motion;∙ The best inter-account transfer rates on the Russian market (closest to the current FX trade);∙ Set goals and save up money for large purchases with the help of savings accounts;∙ Manage points or miles if you participate in a loyalty program; ∙ Record other banks’ cards for Tinkoff Bank payments and fast top-up, no bank details required.
Expense tracking
∙ Explore all transactions in The Event List: see general expense statistics or filter transactions by date, account or name.∙ Global app search: by transaction, by payment type and name, provider or contact.
Traditional features:
∙ Exchange rates and their dynamics (Tinkoff Bank/The Central Bank);∙ Spend charts;∙ The nearest payment points (filter by the bank’s partners, currency, top-up amount and reviewed locations), ATMs and special offers right on the map, available all over Russia;∙ Easy&Comfortable access to card limitations;∙ Special offers (with new offer notifications); ∙ Contact the bank by telephone over the Internet (app uses audio and VoIP background modes) or by phone, by e-mail or by chat and through social networks.